Giant Cadex 65 Disc Tubeless Front 700X21H Carbon S


The Cadex 65 Disc Wheelsystem Combines Maximum Lightweight Aero Performance With The Added Control Of Disc Brakes. Featuring A Hookless Rim Design And Aero Carbon Spokes To Maximize Aerodynamics In Shifting Winds And To Significantly Reduce Overall Weight, The Cadex 65 Disc Marries Ultra-Low Friction Hubs To Disc Brakes, Bringing Superior Speed And Smooth, Controlled Stopping Power.

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Hookless Rim Design Helps Reduce Aerodynamic Loss And, Through A Continuous Carbon Fiber Structure, Enhances Overall Durability
N- Custom-Tuned Aero Carbon Spokes Offer Excellent Aerodynamic Characteristics, Superior Stability In Shifting Winds, And Ultra-Light Weight
N- Custom-Tuned Dynamic Balanced Lacing Technology Makes A Stiffer, More Efficient Wheel Designed For Real-World Applications
N- Precision Reinforced Carbon Lay-Up Places Carbon Fiber Only Where Needed, Creating An Exceptionally Solid Structure Without Adding Any Unnecessary Grams
N- Low Friction Hub Eliminates Bearing Friction, Reducing Potential Watt Loss
Nrim Carbon Hookless Clincher (Tubeless)
Nbrake Compatibility Center Lock Disc
Naxle 100X12 Ta (Not Included)
Nhub Cadex Low Friction Hub, Center Lock
Nspokes Aero Carbon Spoke
Nspoke Count 21
Nnipples Alloy
Ninner Rim Width 22.4Mm
Nouter Rim Width 26Mm
Nrim Depth 65Mm
Nvalve Type Presta

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