Giant Numen Aero Plus Rear Light


Giant Numen Plus Aero TL bike tail light is an aerodynamic design and features 3 bright LED’s and 3 modes with a 6 hour run time, USB chargeable.

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USB chargeable
3 Bright LEDs
Tool free mounting
– 3 Bright LEDs – 3 modes: steady, flashing and patrol – Mini USB reachargable – Aero design – Giant design o-ring mounting – Run time up to 6 hrs

Safety Notice:
Bicycle lighting is illumination attached to bicycles whose purpose above all is, along with reflectors, to improve the visibility of the bicycle and its rider to other road users under circumstances of poor ambient illumination. A secondary purpose is to illuminate reflective materials such as cat’s eyes and traffic signs. A third purpose may be to illuminate the roadway so that the rider can see the way ahead. Serving the latter purposes require much more luminous flux and thus more power.
Many jurisdictions require one or more bicycle lights to be fitted to bicycles ridden at night — generally a white light in the front and a red light at the back.
The use of lights for night riding is generally recommended or required by authorities as a basic safety precaution, even in a well-lit urban context. Studies show a correlation between collisions and failure to use lights even during daytime.

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